Thursday, June 30, 2011

HOT GRAVES - Desecration Time EP review

HOT GRAVES - Desecration Time EP
Greyhaze Records
Genre: Punk/Metal
Rating: 4/5

This is my second time this year reviewing something from this Gainesville, Florida act and from the info I got with this one I'll be talking about em again soon enough. This three song EP is just a warm up for a full length coming out later this year titled Knights in White Phosphorous. That's a great fuckin title by the way. Their last release I reviewed was the Necro Mixos Sacrificio covers EP. That one was worth it just for the cover of PENTAGRAM's "Madman". This time around it's two originals and a ANTI CIMEX cover “Make My Day". The originals, “Desecration Time” and “Baphomet’s Revenge” are fast blasts of seminal blackened crust. The opener, “Desecration Time”, even slips in some down-tuned doom so to catch your breath in the pit. “Baphomet’s Revenge” is strictly a balls out thrasher. Great stuff here.



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