Friday, June 17, 2011

IN SOLITUDE - The World, The Flesh, The Devil CD review

IN SOLITUDE - The World, The Flesh, The Devil CD
Metal Blabe Records
Genre: Metal
Rating: 5/5

More Swedish revival rock here except this time it's pretty cool. These Swedes are into conjuring up the ghosts of old MERCYFUL FATE as well as IRON MAIDEN. Their vocalist Pelle Ahman even dawns some face paint although it's more raccoon eyes than King Diamond. Don't wanna be sued by Gene Simmons now do we? Although he's a decent vocalist Ahman doesn't reach or incorporate the awesomeness of King Diamond's unique falsetto or even Bruce Dickinson's stadium screaming. Still he's good on here with his the mid range vocals which Diamond employed early on. Henrik Palm and Niklas Lindstrom bring on the duel guitar tag-team memory of MAIDEN's Smith and Murray. Thankfully they don't have an Eddie imitators. The World, The Flesh, The Devil is this band's second full length. Their self titled debut on High Roller records came out in 2008 and from what I've read garnered them enough great reviews that Metal Blade had to pick em up. Then again there's is a trend going on so might as well get on that band wagon before it's too late.

IN SOLITUDE stands out from the pack of other revival acts by simply relying on their music to do the talking as opposed to others like GHOST who rely on costume pageantry as a gimmick or GRAVEYARD who just suck. What made NWOBHM important for it's time was that the bands were not into theatrical gimmicks or were still hippies. Their songs actually rocked and carried some evil intentions. This release has that on “We Were Never Here,” “Serpents Are Rising” and “Poisoned, Blessed and Burned" as well as the impressive opening title cut. Henrik Palm and Niklas Lindstrom supply plenty of quality riffs as well as impressive soloing. If this was on vinyl then that would be side A. Now on the proverbial side B it's still as impressive opening with a rocker in "Demons". but with a freakin thirteen plus minute closer “On Burning Paths" which definitely invokes that MERCYFUL FATE influence since they had one on Melissa. This is definitely one of my favorite releases for 2011.



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