Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SAMAEL - Lux Mundi CD review

SAMAEL - Lux Mundi CD
Nuclear Blast
Genre: Industrial Metal
Rating: 2/5

We all know the history of this Swiss act. They started out Black Metal in the early nineties then someone turned em onto a TREPONEM PAL record and they switched to being a dark electronic/industrial band. OK I'm exaggerating on the TREPONEM PAL record thing. It might have been the REVOLTING COCKS and I don't feel like talking about 1996's Passage full length either. But anyway 2009's Above was actually good and blackish in the metal department but you just can't tell anymore what some original second wave black metal bands are gonna do these days now can you? Lux Mundi, the band's eighth full length, is consistent with what they did on Above with a little more emphasis on the epic symphonic metal style but less aggressive. There's still the cold mechanized feeling on Lux Mundi that they used on their previous full blown industrial epics. Unfortunately I find this more in line with the classical themed theatrics which DIMMU BORGIR did on their last wreck of a full length. Should I being wearing a black wig and nail polish to match while listening to this? I'd probably enjoy this more if I did but that ain't gonna happen. But as far as dark Industrial Metal goes it's better than MORBID ANGEL's new one.



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