Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ENTRENCHED - Premptive Strike CD review

ENTRENCHED - Premptive Strike CD
Self Released
Genre: Death/Thrash
Rating: 3/5

New Jersey's ENTRENCHED thrash like it's the mid 80s with the threat of nuclear war hovering above their heads. Yeah we're all gonna die so lets fuck shit up and thrash like maniacs wherever we can. Actual war themed metal, not to be confused with the sword and codpiece stuff, was once the rage in every two bit burg here in the states. I grew up in NJ and PA so I know all about two bit burgs and the bands they produce. The worst thing that ever happened to their theme was the Berlin Wall coming down. The end of the Cold War brought the end of ugly sounding Death Thrash. This NJ band brings it all back to it's filthy beginnings even opening this thing with an air raid siren, how appropriate for a over two and a half intro. I wouldn't compare this to what the new cadre of 'war metal themed bands" are releasing today like GOD DETHRONED or HAIL OF BULLETS. This NJ duo, consisting of Sean Fitzpatrick on guitar and vocals plus Charles Snyder proving the drum work and also vocals, keep things simple and heavy. Fitzpatrick combines a crunchy as well as filthy guitar tone through out which kinda reminds ya of the best elements of early OBITUARY and SLAYER slammed together. At the same time Snyder adds a drum attack that's as fierce as the subject matter of the lyrics. Listening to this conjures up images of a band playing in some old fallout shelter that's been converted into a club. The band just blasting away as the crowd full of heshers and punks slams into each other with no end or hope in sight.


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