Thursday, June 30, 2011

UVIKRA - Patterns of Life EP review

UVIKRA - Patterns of Life EP
Self Released
Genre: Blackened Death
Rating: 3/5

Here we have a three song release from this Lithuanian one man blackened death band. The music is low fi as in basement style production. I've gotta say basement because on one of the three cuts, "Predictable Irony", I can clearly hear him banging on what sounds like a pipe. To be honest with ya if he, Loikav, did use a basement sewer/water pipe for percussion purposes then I'm impressed. Unfortunately that's the only non traditional metal (irony?) instrument I thought I heard. Another reason I have to use the basement reference is because Loikav sounds like he lives in one. He's got that creepy monster type of growled vocal style. Now of course living in some damp dark place would also explain the low fi production value of this release. Also this guy (I haven't seen any pictures but...) has a 5 song self titled full length from 2010 out. So it's not like it's the first release and no money for a proper recording. He wants it to sound like a home recording from a beast in the basement. You listen to it a few times and tell me it's not infectious especially the slight psych influence of the guitars throughout. On the opener "The Creator is the Proudest", at the song's very end Loikav even tosses in a completely out of place guitar solo as if he's mocking the listener. Patterns of Life is definitely a corrupt release for connoisseurs of kvlt. This guy is welcome to move into crawlspace and turn it into a recording studio any day.




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