Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SODOMIZER - Jesus Is Not Here Today CD review

SODOMIZER - Jesus Is Not Here Today CD
Deathrash Armageddon
Genre: Thrash
Rating: 3/5

What's in a name? Well for this Brazilian thrash act I'd say alot. SODOMIZER might be new to most thrash fans but they've been kicking people's butts (ahem?) from their home in Rio de Janeiro for a decade now. I first heard about em back in 2007 with their second full length The Dead Shall Rise to Kill. This little eight song blasphemy here is their third full length overall. SODOMIZER's brand of influence leans more towards the Teutonic Thrash realm of SODOM (obviously), DESTRUCTION and KREATOR. Their lyrical content is less Satan more horror/zombie movie influenced. Sound like a lot of fun don't you think? Add to that the production on here gives their sound an old school 80's feel. Obviously these guys are not part of any revival plus most of their songs surpass the four minute mark. The opening cut "Lucio Fulci" even starts off with some haunting piano interlude to induce the horror movie motif'. Unfortunately Jesus Is Not Here Today is also just the some of it's parts that being straight forward thrash with a gimmick. Overall it's a decent listen especially tracks like the previous named one plus "Fighting With Zombies", "When The Devils Order Is Better Obey" and the title cut. Supposedly with this release they're about to take on the world. I'd love to know what the name of their world tour is going to be.



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