Sunday, October 16, 2011

RAPEGOAT - Man Cannot Be Saved CD review

RAPEGOAT - Man Cannot Be Saved CD
Mystery School Records
Genre: Punk Fuckin Rock
Rating: 5/5

The first time I listened this CD was at a Sunday afternoon cookout at the girl friend's house of my good friend Andy Miller (vocalist for the punk/metal band KNOWLEDGE IS FOR FOOLS). He told me I had to check out RAPEGOAT and that they were going to be playing Scumfest 2011. So there we were sitting out on the back patio on a Sunday afternoon with the smell of meat slowly searing on the grill with songs like "Cunthair Moustache", "Dripping Bloody Skull" and "Gore Tits" blasting forth from the boombox. Yeah I know, you wish you were me. So now I have my own copy for review given to me by RAPEGOAT's vocalist, St. John the Baptist, while we were at the HOT GRAVES and MIDNIGHT show the other night. Yeah I know, you wish you were me.

RAPEGOAT, the name itself suggests more than just an extreme band name. (although a cool band name sure helps) RAPEGOAT are punk fuckin rock as in the sound, style & fury from back in the day before all the hairdo clown caricatures and self censorship of the nineties took the threat out from the lion's share of the genre. This is scumpunk, the offensive stuff which was covered back in the pages of the original Scumfeast Fanzine back in the late 90's. This is snot punk, like blowing your nose on the face of the guy wearing a RANCID shirt in front of the stage. This is a middle finger salute to all bands who take the safe sedate route in their musical careers in order to be accepted and get a gig at Disney owned clubs. This is a threat from the underground which doesn't advertise itself like a commercial.

When I listen to Man Cannot Be Saved it reminds me of the time back in 1979 when I first heard the SEX PISTOLS being played on a college radio station. Not that RAPEGOAT sounds anything like the SEX PISTOLS but it's just that feeling you get when listening to something and thinking by doing so you're committing an illegal act. Yeah you know that feeling don't ya and you like it. Don't look now but I'm swimming in a filthy cesspool of sounds that just might be offensive to 99% of the music listening public, some of whom actually claim to like punk rock as long as it conforms. This North Carolina act doesn't sell itself short on that with these eleven tracks.



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