Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GRIDLINK - Orphan CD review

Hydra Head
Genre: Grindcore
Rating: 1/5

A few years ago when I read about this band I thought they were from Japan but it turns out that they're actually from Hoboken, NJ, the place of my birth. All I can say is whatafuck happened to that armpit of a burg to produce something like this. Something else I remember reading was the praise this band received. After listening to this I have to say that GRIDLINK deserves as much praise as I'd give a dog who took a big shit on a sidewalk in Jersey. This is simplistic sounding grindcore with a nutbag screaming. The guitars are somewhat technically played but other than their all out speed this band brings zero to the table all in twelve minutes. This thing played twice through before I was finished reading the promo info. If there's praise to be handed out I'd give it to the author who wrote all of this bullshit in the promo describing this band. So what if the singer's vocals are described as "deranged and tortured". I grew up in fuckin Jersey and let me tell you from experience that by nine o'clock on a Saturday night you heard a lot of deranged and tortured screams from the neighborhood and it wasn't two cats fucking either. Of course that was long before that whole fuckin area of Jersey became gentrified. The once mean streets of Hoboken, New Jersey are now full of coffee shops, hipster bars and in plain sight fag holes. Grindcore from Jersey? This is pretentious bullshit for people who are easily impressed.



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