Thursday, October 6, 2011

SULACO - Build and Burn CD review

SULACO - Build and Burn CD
Handshake Inc
Genre: Grind
Rating: 4/5

This Rochester, NY act which features Erik Burke of BRUTAL TRUTH on guitar and vocals is all over the musical map as far as sound and style goes. These are probably the songs he couldn't bring to the table of his obviously more famous band. Be that as it may this is pretty much dance on your face, with jack boots, extreme stuff. If you're familiar with Burke's guitar abilities then you will understand that there's plenty of technical grind on here. I mean by the time I got to the third song, "Dingy Metropolis", my head was ready to explode. Also this release screams of prog savvy. "Corridor" is what some people (re: lonely) would call forward thinking metal. Pardon me and my neanderthal tastes in extreme metal but it's not my bag. SULACO basically delves in what I usually refer to as kitchen sink metal. Listen closely and you'll even catch some sludgey moments where Burke and company do a fly over of NOLA, grind and gumbo. I keep thinking AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED but with far more technical proficiency. Either way not my type of thing but in all honesty this is some of the best tech grind out today if you're into that, although I haven't heard the new BRUTAL TRUTH CD yet.



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