Monday, October 3, 2011

TORMENTED - Rotten Death CD review

TORMENTED - Rotten Death CD
Listenable Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

With all the fun the latest generation of Death Metal maniacs are having you would think that sooner or later a few vets would show up just to demonstrate that the old flames still burn hot. Guitarist/vocalist Andreas Axelson and bassist Roberth Karlsson are two of those veterans most notable for their work with proggy death metallers EDGE OF SANITY as well as a few others. They're joined by guitarist Claes Holmberg and drummer Jocke Olund to resurrect some OSDM (Old School Death Metal) the only way these Swedes know how. This originally was recorded and released in 2009 on Iron Fist Records. If ever a release needed a second chance offering then this one is it. Do you want some more DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED worship or rehash? Hey as far as I'm concerned why not since the band self describes themselves as Rotten Death Metal. Once I was knocked back by "Tomb Of Corpses", as well as "Vengeance From Beyond The Grave" plus the back to back assault of "Burning Torment" and "Death Owns The Night", I just didn't care anymore. Look here cookie pusses originality and experimentation is over rated. Let all of the whiners pine for those glory days of Tech Death bliss (what year was that again?). You know you just want a filthy dirty pummelling and TORMENTED does it on here. Nuff Said.



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