Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MURDER JUNKIES - Road Killer CD review

MVD Audio
Genre: Scum Punk
Rating: 5/5

My main reasons for reviewing this are that I'm a fan and have seen Merle and company at least half a dozen times since the 90s. Secondly every review I've read about this was written by uninformed idiots who should be tied up, pissed on, shit on and finally shot in the face. For those uninformed losers on the interweb yes the MURDER JUNKIES were GG's last backing band but after his death Merle kept the band going with drummer Dino Sexx and a variety of guitarists and vocalists. They first put out two releases (a 7"er and a 10"er) with Mike Denied on vocals. But unfortunately Mike didn't work out. They next had this other guy whose name escapes me (Superstar?) singing for them on tour for a while but that just didn't work out for them to record something. Jeff Clayton from ANTISEEN even did a short tour singing for em. I've seen them twice with their new singer Harold “PP Duvay” Rogers and he's a great addition besides reminding me more of Mike Denied than GG. No one will replace GG Allin and Merle never would try. That's why I am sick and fuckin tired of reading these inept losers writing about the MURDER JUNKIES as if GG's shadow looms over them to the point where they cannot be judged on their own merits.

Well fuck all of those idiots because Road Killer is the best thing they've ever done although it is the first proper MURDER JUNKIES full length. Calling this long awaited is putting it mildly. This is Scum Punk Rock n Roll. It's that unholy grail that you climb sleazy mountain to find. Opening with "Once a Whore" which is an outright sing along classic. Three chords and a bad attitude. You want offensive fuckin punk fuckin rock then check out the unkindness of "Two Dicks in Your Mouth" or "My Little Fuck Doll". Guitarist FC Murder is another great six string slinger which Merle seems to always get playing for the MURDER JUNKIES. The guy is another graduate from the Thunders punk rock n roll school of guitar riffs and solos. Of course knowing Merle's tastes it was no doubt that there wouldn't be some country (or is it cuntry?) influenced cuts on here. The best representation comes on the final cut "Piss Drinkin Jew" but you can hear some country punk influence on "One Rail Away" as well as "48 Days". All I can say is finally, FINALLY Merle has recorded the fuckin masterpiece of scum we fans knew he would put out someday.


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