Monday, October 3, 2011

RAW DOG - Proud to be Weird, Proud to be White Trash CD review

RAW DOG - Proud to be Weird, Proud to be White Trash CD
Self Released
Genre: Punk
Rating: 4/5

Take Wesley Willis, Zoogz Rift, El Duce plus G.G. Allin as influences and that's were abouts you'll find yourself with RAW DOG. What the heck you might as well take me away while you're at it. After listening to these hosannas from the trailer park of no return I'm pretty much done as a writer. Strange as it may seem I actually know this guy and seen him perform some of these songs at a local music festival. After he was finished there wasn't a dry eye (or full stomach) left in the crowd. Although he did get plenty of applause from the crowd on hand. I won't ruin the excitement of you discovering what really resides within the songs on here. Although I'll let you in on a few surprises. The CD is set up like an LP with one side titled Proud to be Weird with the other Proud to be White Trash. Each portion containing songs dealing exclusively with the corresponding title. There's even a self posted warning on the front cover which clearly informs you that this CD "is intended to be as offensive as possible." Whether that pertains to the quality of the music or the lyrics is still up for a guess. I say that because I'm drinking now which I'm hoping will work as an excuse when my credibility is challenged in the future because of this.

RAW DOG is a one man singer songwriter (obviously) and as much as the offensiveness here is simplistic, there's a catchyness about his repertoire which keeps you fixated. It's the audio equivalent to a car crash. You simply cannot turn it off until the whole release is over. Trust me my hand was reaching for the 'stop' button many times but I kept telling myself "I've got to hear it all out." Then I took a shower afterwards. But anyway I'm reminded of the fact that some of the most corrupt minded musical artists of our time are also genius' when it comes to working with lyrics. (except for hip hop of course) Someday RAW DOG could be mentioned in the same sentence with the previously named filthy four at the beginning of this review. Maybe we'll even find out why there's a photo of a little growling dog on the back of the CD. Then again after listening to this I might not want to know. One thing for sure is the enlightenment I received after listening to the opener "The Story of Rock n Roll". I'll file that one under too much information. One thing is for sure and that's RAW DOG will make it into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame before KISS.


Here's a vid of RAW DOG performing at a Legalize It rally from 2010.

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