Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ANATOMIA / BURIAL INVOCATION - Decomposing Serenades 7" review

ANATOMIA / BURIAL INVOCATION - Decomposing Serenades 7"
Dark Descent Records
Genre: Death Doom
Rating: 5/5

Two bands from two distinctly different nations as well as cultures but both playing sick fuckin death doom. I mean this is so sick sounding I can't get enough of it. Unfortunately there's just two songs on here. I put it on repeat and let it play all fuckin night. When I woke up the next day the covers were over my face, the music was still playing and I thought I was dead. First off ANATOMIA hail from Japan and have been slaying people, slaying I say, with their brand of hate since 2005. Their contribution to your demise on here is "Drawn Into the Abyss". You've gotta hear the vocals on here to believe it. This is not the voice of a human being. I don't care if you smoke ten cartons of cigarettes a day, drink a few gallons of road tar and eat coal like it was hard candy. You will not get a vocal sound like whoever is singing on this cut. It's inhuman, no it's beyond that. This band also has a full length, Dissected Humanity, from 2005, an EP, a live album (a fuckin live album, what balls!) and a slew of split releases. They also released a split this year on Nuclear War Now with one of my favorite bands, DECREPITAPH, which I'll be spinning soon enough. On the flipside we have BURIAL INVOCATION from Turkey who lighten up things slightly with their brand of death and doom. Their cut on here "Obliterated In An Ignominious Grave." adds some speed but is just as ugly, vicious and all around mean. Check out the complimenting artwork by Dilek as well. Hail infernal darkness, get this damm slab of wax and then you can die.




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