Saturday, February 5, 2011

SEVENTH VOID - Heaven is Gone CD review

SEVENTH VOID - Heaven is Gone CD
Napalm Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Rating: 0/5

No, Pete Steele is gone and this is a re-package from 2009 with a different cover. Oh yeah it sucks balls. The original version of this came out on Big Vin Records which is Vinnie Paul's label, I'm sure you've all heard of it. Napalm has re-released it with the doom looking cover and it's being marketed as Doom. It's not. SEVENTH VOID was originally the side project of Johnny Kelly and Kenny Hickey of TYPE O NEGATIVE. They got together with two other guys a few years ago to do this thing on the side while their day job was on hiatus and Pete Steele was doing whatever Pete Steele did when not recording or touring. So when Pete Steele took a dirtnap Kelly and Hickey at least had this band and now they're trying to get it going. Yeah technically it's still their debut albeit a three year old one. Secondly this is more in line with the likes of ALICE IN CHAINS and later era SOUNDGARDEN. If you were expecting some post TYPE O NEGATIVE type of thing, you're shit out of luck. Go listen to newer TIAMAT for that. SEVENTH VOID are full on mainstream pop metal or what I like to call cable channel metal. While they borrow a few SABBATH riffs it's still not Doom and may boils cover the body of the first faceless pussy on the Internet who calls it such. What the Fuck is going on with all of these indie rock losers claiming every fuckin thing they like is now Doom? I actually read where some indie rock loser called NIRVANA's first album, Bleach, a Doom record. I wish I knew where that fucker lived because I'd kick the living shit out of him just for ignorance alone. As for this well Pete's probably laughing at ya from the grave and I'm not even a TYPE O fan. This is music for losers!



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  1. Damn, did you forget to take your bi-polar medication before writing this or what! GFY