Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SARGON - In Contempt CD review

SARGON - In Contempt CD
Self Released
Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

Holy crap, let me repeat that, holy crap and this is a self release? Attention all labels you must go to Phoenix, AZ, and sign this band. They're originally from Panama City, Panama but don't go there because they've relocated and the only thing you'll pick up is a case of VD. Not that I have any personal experience with that of course. But getting back to the subject at hand, SARGON are a three piece Thrash outfit that's not trying to ape the neo early 80's West Coast sound. That should be comforting to anyone who's bored with the Thrash Revival of late. You can count me in on that and on this the band's debut full length there's a certain freshness attained. Sure there's influences within their sound, mostly from the European side of Thrash Death which we've not heard done so well of late. So to the deaf guy in the back of the room it all means SARGON are doing something which is needed nowadays.

Here's a few things which make SARGON so cool in book. First off the vocals are a higher pitch growl/scream as if the guy's throat is on fire. He, aka: Frank, is also responsible for the riff and solo carnage on here. The song "Restless" is so fuckin great in it's variety of riffs be they melodic or headbanging with haunting intro & outro. In between parts are magnificent as in a narely hatefuck bludgeoning. I'd say "The Hunger" has a slight MEGADEATH touch to it but only if grounded out with some melodic death metal pummeling. Speaking of death metal this band features former MALEVOLENT CREATION drummer, Alex Marquez, but there's hardly any influence to speak of. "Drowning In Sorrow" is even more fierce with some MAIDEN like guitar flourishes. My favorite track on here is the closer "Thrash N' Roll" since it carries that slam pit feeling. I can just see the bodies flying around to this cut. It's a fuckin anthem with another sharp solo which will cut the unsuspecting to ribbons. I won't be surprised if some label picks this up and re-releases it. They have to because SARGON are just that good.

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