Thursday, February 17, 2011

WIDOWLAND - Widowland CD review

WIDOWLAND - Widowland CD
Self Released
Genre: Stoner Rock
Rating: 0/5

Imagine SAINT VITUS (ok that's a stretch) without Wino behind the mic but instead has an Indie Rock f****t who whines like a baby. This is a three piece "act" from Saint Petersburg, Russia but they could just as well come from Athens, Georgia or Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This guy's voice is fuckin horrible. He (that's questionable) has that nasal whine of a voice which was exclusive to Indie Rock shit bands across the "fruited" plains back in the 1990s. You wanna punch the guy in the nose just to help him out. Their music is generic stoner rock which makes THE SWORD sound original. If I ever read one sentence written about this band that's favorable then that person's credibility is garbage. Do you understand me? It's fuckin garbage because you would expose yourself as a liar, a pretentious phony and a pussy. I could go out in my back yard and find a rock that knows more about stoner doom than YOU! This release is boring drawn out rehash of material from the past bands. It's cut and paste by the numbers with a ball less geek on vocals. Even the cover artwork is pretentious bullshit. Fuck You!


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