Saturday, February 5, 2011

ABYSMAL DAWN - Leveling the Plane of Existence CD review

ABYSMAL DAWN - Leveling the Plane of Existence CD
Relapse Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 5/5

I could have easily just cut & paste the promo material write up for this and used it as a review. Don't laugh, I've seen press releases posted as reviews on other music blogs, usually on the hipster sites ha ha. Fortunately I have some standards, what little they are of course. Besides I like ABYSMAL DAWN ever since I reviewed their 2008 release Programmed to Consume, also on Relapse. This is their third full length and as I suspected it's just as good as it's predecessor. What makes ABYSMAL DAWN so good in my not so humble opinion is that they can write decent songs that you can get in to. They throw a lot of intensity at you plus wild speed change ups and still carry some melody. They are one of the better US Death Metal bands around who straddle the fence between old school and tech death.

There's a few differences this time around. Chris Elliot, guitar/vocals, has changed his vocal style a bit. Along with his formidable growls he adds some higher pitched screams which still sounds sick. They have a new drummer in Scott Fuller. The guest guitarists on here are also surprising. Moyses Kolesne of KRISIUN adds a sick solo to “Pixilated Ignorance" which is one of the best cuts on here. It has a machine gun like pace that infiltrates your mind like a sickness. Also Kragen Lum of HEATHEN plays on two cuts, the first cut, after the opening intro, “In Service Of Time” and on “Rapture Renowned.” There's a few down moments on Leveling the Plane of Existence but not enough to bother the whole. The production is rough which gives it that old school feel. Erik Rutan of HATE ETERNAL did the mixing on this so you know it's going to be brutal and not bullshit.



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