Thursday, February 17, 2011

BROTHERHOOD OF SLEEP - Dark as Light CD review

Catch the Soap
Genre: Doom/Drone/Psych
Rating: 3/5

This is what I usually call Sunday morning music. Every once in a while I'll pull out a CD of similar style and play it while getting ready for the day. It's good for the senses since its instrumental Doom, there's no emotions involved and it still scares away the unwanted. Yes it's true that extreme music can be easy listening without being pretentious. Strangely enough BROTHERHOOD OF SLEEP hail from Athens, Greece a place not known for the simplistic. This three piece (guitar, bass and drums) plays non technical experimental jam band style psych doom. They're not about stoner jams but instead put forth a peaceful atmosphere with four songs all lasting over 10 minutes in length. I look at them as a cross between OM, PELICAN and a 'neur-isis band" to be named later. I like the way these guys keep things steady without the labyrinthine style arrangements. The songs start out simple and slowly build up an atmosphere that is repetitive to the climatic end. If you are jazz intolerant then you won't find this appealing since the band, especially the style of drumming, run that gambit. In all honesty I just can't imagine these sounds echoing off the ancient stone structures of their homeland. On the other hand I can hear this coming out of the windows of some farmhouse down a country road in my state.



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