Thursday, February 17, 2011

EXCAVATED - Ad Libitum CD review

Self Released
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 3/5

I can't wait to read an interview with these guys because I wanna know why a band who started out in 1997 puts their first full length out in 2011. I'm sure they have a decent explanation. EXCAVATED hail from Belgium and their brand of death metal is mid to late 1990's sounding. I was boucing off the guard rails of Old School Death Metal's memory lane last year so this year I'm being cautious. Ad Libitum is a long release coming in a few minutes short of an hour's worth of brutality. No they are not "brootal", actually EXCAVATED take their cues from the great DM bands of the 90s. Technically there's thirteen tracks on here but ones like "Deep in Throat", "Enemies of God" and the closer "Leaving Jesusalem" are short bursts in order to fill time. Of the actual numbers on here there's some cool standouts like the nine minute plus The Red Rebirth which is a death/doom beast. Another long cut "Neglected to Oblivion" follows suit and to me they're the best of the bunch. Listening to songs like "Enslaved in Hatred" and "Blinded by Faith" I'm reminded of VADER or even IMMOLATION as far as the song structures go. There's no reinvention or progression but at least they can fill a dink up with actual songs that will leave a bite mark or two.



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