Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FORESKIN - BITP (demo) review

Self Released
Genre: Punk/Thrash
Rating: 3/5

I give this band points for just being a Punk Thrash band from Pakistan. I'm sure it's not easy for them. Now this is a demo and sports the horrible sound quality which was once the mainstay for 80's era bands. What's that out of tune and annoying tapping sound in the opener "The Cuntess Commands Thee" as well as on the title cut? Was this recorded with a boom box? All of the songs on here were recorded at different sessions and yeah it shows. But beyond what's put forth on here FORESKIN show that type of promise that should award them if they were to get a proper recording. The forty seconds of "Raid the Stage" will have some old punks wondering if it's a unearthed Punk Rock cut from some new volume of Killed By Death. "Attack Of the Radioactive Posers" would've been the flipside if this was a 7"er. Sadly though it suffers horribly in sound quality which is too bad because it's a decent song. The earlier mention intro "The Cuntess Commands Thee", despite the tapping, has a great thrash riff as if Gary Holt of EXODUS was playing it. Hey guys make it a real song. The title cut and "Kill the Principal" both sound like West Coast Hardcore circa 1985, that's the low fi production giving it some street cred. This is their third demo so will some kind soul at a label help em out?

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