Tuesday, February 22, 2011

REST IN GORE - Culinary Buffet of Hacked Innards CD review

REST IN GORE - Culinary Buffet of Hacked Innards CD
Sevared Records
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Rating: 2/5

Well since this is from Sevared Records and has cover artwork that would make CANNIBAL CORPSE blush I knew what to expect. Before I even get into the music I just want to point out that Sevared Records is the home of everything brutal. Now I'm not talking about brutal just for the sake of being brutal. Any label can throw a handful of dopes into a studio and record a brutal death metal release, for example OCEANO. What Sevared Records does is search the true under belly of society to find pure filth which is really "brootal" plus they add that cover artwork to their releases which gets banned in some places. The cover art for CESSPOOL OF VERMIN's Beastial Necrophilia is still tops in my demented book of horrors.

REST IN GORE is a three piece who hail from Japan. Their brand of brutality is slow, methodical and missing all technical sophistication. They're just out to insult you in less than thirty minutes and they do with songs like "Splattered Slime", "Rupturing Stomach" and my personal favorite "Gutrectomy". At times the pounding drums sound like an old neighbor of mine from years ago who would bang on the side of my house, he was afraid to come to the door, whenever my music was too loud. Strangely enough it was always in the morning on weekends. But anyway REST IN GORE keep things rather low key with a few grooves thrown in amongst the rotting corpses you'll be penetrating while this plays in the background.

Label: http://www.sevared.com

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/restingoreofficial

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