Monday, February 7, 2011

DEICIDE - To Hell With God CD review

DEICIDE - To Hell With God CD
Century Media Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 5/5

Even though he's been doing this for over twenty years Glen Benton, vocalist, bassist and scourge of Christian groups and animal rights wackos, will not shy away from tossing some controversy into every new release. That would be like retirement and after a few listens to this one on new label Century Media you get the impression of renewed fire down below. Benton is still in good company with the same line-up from 2006's The Stench of Redemption with Ralph Santolla and Jack Owen on guitars along with longtime original drummer Steve Asheim. The opening track on here is (guess?) yep it's the title track. That's going to scare off the losers who call DEICIDE predictable and hold up the band's classic debut and Legion as benchmarks never to be revisited although they wish they would. What the losers, who whine like Catholic school boys after being butt raped by Father Schlong, don't comprehend is that the past cannot be recreated. That's a totally different line-up as well as a creative hunger. 2006 marked a new beginning for the band and they proved to be a still formidable Death Metal institution. I do believe that 2008's Till Death Do Us Part was something of a misstep even though it was decent. To Hell With God is the great release that this DEICIDE line-up was destined to create.

To Hell With God has everything you fuckin want from this band which makes it an achievement. Benton is still USDM's voice of hate, the leads on here are fluid as well as technical plus chunky riffs, Asheim's drum work is consistent with previous works and the thing clocks in at a little over thirty five minutes. As far as the songs go I'd say "Servant of the Enemy" feels like a back hand slap to your face (by Satan). "Into the Darkness You Go" is a head banging hate-fuck. "Witness of Death" and "Angels in Hell" remind ya of days gone by in fact the whole of this release is a reminder of their early days without going there. Benton and company are simply back to their evil mean and nasty selves. It's definitely recommended if you like true death metal and killing god.



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  1. excellent band, personally, once upon the cross is my favorite release