Thursday, February 17, 2011

ZERSTORER - Panzerfaust Justice CD review

ZERSTORER - Panzerfaust Justice CD
Ashen Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

It's only Febuary and my stereo has been overwelmed with so much "kvlt" sounding German Black Metal that I believe a blitzkrieg is upon us. Break out the Kaiser helmets and bullet belts because we're in for some bazooka justice. What we have here is some blackened punk/crust with DARKTHRONE and MARDUK along for the ride. ZERSTORER hail from Germany and are winners of the song title of the month with "Goatworship Kommando". I envision t-shirts with that song title as a logo, certainly a must have for yours truly.That's just one of many great cuts on here. "Sociopathic Killer" could've been the theme music for movie, Dead Snow. "Of War, Hate, Eternal Death" adds some thrash and hesher vocals to the onslaught. Panzerfaust Justice is their second full length. Their first was the ironically titled Declaration of War. That makes this the war or at least a thirty five minute battle that alternates in speeds. Their name translates into English as Destroyer, need I say more? They're not going to win over any snobs but they will run over them. You need to keep those tank treads lubricated with the blood and guts of your enemies. All I've gotta say is taste this German steel, fuck face.



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