Monday, February 7, 2011

FEN - Epoch CD review

FEN - Epoch CD
Genre: Post Black Metal
Rating: 1/5

Back in 2009 this English band put out a fairly decent release, The Malediction Fields. It had a good balance between the metal and the depressive shoegazer elements. So now we have this new one and of course it's horrible. I want to point out that adding some harsh vocals over an air fart keyboard soundtrack with some jangly guitars tossed in is not metal. I'm sure some Indie Rock clowns on the Internet will love this one which they should because it's safe, sedate and totally boring. The sad reality of post black metal is that once you start injecting some shoegazer stuff into your sound. The next thing you know you're sleeping with the COCTEAU TWINS. In this band's case, they're ready for the wedding. I'll leave it at that before I say something negative about Epoch. Now if you excuse me while I go out to find someone who uses the term "grey metal" and beat em profusely.



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