Thursday, February 17, 2011

GHOST TOWER - Curse of the Black Blood CD review

GHOST TOWER - Curse of the Black Blood CD
Evil Coven Records
Genre: NWOBHM/Traditional Metal

Another late December 2010 release which I believe if remastered and re-released this year would have "some people" in modern doom circles screaming "it's the new DEVIL'S BLOOD!" The similarities between the two bands are not uncanny. GHOST TOWER who hail from that hotbed of hip activity, Bellevue, Nebraska (yes I'm joking. I'm sure it's a fine place) play traditional 70's metal with a female vocalist and all of their songs deal in dark fantasy realms of retro. Singer Ameven aka: Evilyn Malus is definitely a throwback to yesteryear with a vocal style that's forceful at times and haunting in others. Musically there's some psychedelic forces tossed in slightly which will give to JEX THOTH comparisons. It's amazing how all these types of bands are popping out of nowhere suddenly. It's as if there was a bandwagon to jump on.


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