Sunday, February 27, 2011

TURISAS - Stand Up and Fight CD review

TURISAS - Stand Up and Fight CD
Century Media
Genre: Battle Metal
Rating: 1/5

I'll give these Finnish furries one thing and that's their CD covers are cool as fuck. This new one looks like a movie poster from some 60's epic with crusaders. In reality TURISAS are five guys dressed in fur, leather and wearing battle face paint plus they've got a hot looking new accordion player named Netta Skog, which just goes to show that they do have Hot Topic in Finland. Now I wouldn't call myself a huge fan of TURISAS although their past two full lengths, 2007's The Varangian Way and 2004's Battle Metal were enjoyable. This new one has the band going full on symphonic to the point where this is a musical or a film score. Some people will say cool it's Power Metal then again they probably own FAIRYLAND boxsets. You know they're going on tour with CRADLE OF FILTH this year. Stand Up and Fight has too much orchestration and annoying choir vocals. This ranks up there with DIMMU BORGIR's collaboration with the Prague Philharmonic. The fat lady in the Viking helmet has sung, goodbye.




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  1. I actually liked the album. Gave them a 7.3 in my own blog.