Thursday, February 17, 2011

NERO ORDER - The Tower CD review

Self Released
Genre: Doom
Rating: 1/5

The debut full length by this San Francisco four piece had some promise but then fell down the hole of collective 90's rehash which "some people" are calling doom of late. This actually came out last year and oh lucky me I'm getting it now. You know there are a variety of reasons why some bands release their stuff on their own. One of them is lack of label interest. I'm not gonna say that's the case here but in all honesty I wouldn't be surprised if some label interns were found dead with self inflicted bullet wounds to the head while this dink was still in the stereo. NERO ORDER are not depressive doom but the four cuts on here are depressive. The band has some traditional doom sounds going for them but the lion's share of their music, four long songs, lies in the realm of nineties post rock abandon. The band's vocalist wails like he's suffering from post graduate drama queen depression. "Six years of college and I can only get a job at the mall, waaaaah!" He might wanna loosen up that diaper. There were hundreds of these types of bands back in the day. Just go to any used record store in a college town and pick up a dozen or more 7"ers for a few bucks. Get em now before they're set off to Africa with all those clothes from Goodwill. You might even find an album or two since this shit was hip for a few years in the late nineties. I'll admit there were a few cool bands I liked in the day but as far as NERO ORDER goes, they're ape-ing the crappy ones. While I was listening to the final cut (how ironic) on here I was hoping for the sound of four gunshots.



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