Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DODSENGEL - Dodsengel MCD review

Van Records
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

This Norwegian duo, Kark on guitar, bass and vocals plus Malach Adonai on drums, was pretty prolific last year by releasing a full length Mirium Occultum as well as three more EPs. Here they're back with another four song EP of horrific gems that will scare the flesh off of the unknowing. This release was originally scheduled to be released by Fullmoon Productions but the authorities raided the place and shot everyone there with silver bullets. So this is actually a joint release by Van Records and Terratur Productions. Strangely enough this might be the last release by the band in a while. As of this writing I don't know all the details but with a band name which means "Angel of Death" in Norwegian, I'll say the authorities might be involved as well. If you have their Mirium Occultum from last year and still survived you know that DODSENGEL is probably the best thing to have come out of Norwegian Black Metal in a long time that was actually brilliant as well as threatening. The band has a sound that slowly seduces you into allowing it into your subconscious. Once inside it then proceeds to rip it's way out. If that sounds like fun then this latest will fulfill your death wish.

DODSENGEL takes the perceived horrific visions of other well known BM acts from France, Sweden and the US, drags em down into their dungeon lair to grim them up a bit and then reanimates em to creeped out sickness. You turn this up a bit and the lights flicker, seriously it just happened twice. This is not music but really a ritual of the unholy produced with modern instrumentation. The guitars don't rattle you with tremolo picked abrasiveness but instead take you into another dimension where you hold your body in tight less you touch something that won't wash off. At times Kark's voice sounds like it emanates from an out worldly being of darkness which you know you shouldn't be listening to but it's hypnotic so hey why not enter into the dark room. Other times he's like the former priest banished from the church for secretive occult practices and is now a spokesman possessed with blackened filth which seeps from every pore of his body as he speaks, screams and cries out. The end result unsettles your very flesh. This one here is merely a subtext for last years truly incredible Mirium Occultum. If you can digest this one then you'll be able to handle the rest of their catalog.



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