Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seth Putman RIP

Following a whole night's worth of speculation around the net it has finally been confirmed through Anal Cunt's publicist Kim Kelly that Seth Edward Putnam has passed away. The singer, who was age 43, succumbed to a suspected heart attack with no other details being released to the press at this given time. Kim Kelly commented on the passing of Seth Putnam by saying;

"Yes, it's true. Seth Putnam, one of the most infamous musicians that extreme metal has ever seen, the grindcore GG Allin, has passed away due to a heart attack.

I was lucky enough to see ANAL CUNT perform back in the late 90s. Great show so just for the hell of it here's some vids of Seth and his band.

RIP SETH PUTMAN a true scumfuc.

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