Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DRACONIAN - A Rose for the Apocalypse CD review

DRACONIAN - A Rose for the Apocalypse CD
Napalm Records
Genre: Gothic Doom
Rating: 2/5

Sweden's DRACONIAN are synonymous with slitting one's wrists which is the primary reason why they haven't gained any new fans since 2006. They just lose older ones slowly but surely like their music. Another thing DRACONIAN are synonymous with is the use of the now commonly referred to style of "beauty and the beast" dual vocals. Anders Jacobsson provides the beastly death growls and in the prom dress (I've seen the photos) it's Lisa Johansson with the beauty and of course clean female vocals which are lovely. After two plays of this I couldn't take any more melodic misery and sadness so I chugged a beer. A Rose for the Apocalypse is another chapter in this band's funeral which simply will not end. What is this their second full length now of ceremonially melodic funeral dirges which are better fit for the procession of casket. The drum beats and riffs have not changed from their last album 2008's Turning Season Within. Don't get me wrong since this band put out some interesting stuff a while back but this is the fourth full length and it seems the creative juices as well as life, have dried up. Since Anders is also the principle songwriter I'll place the blame to him on why this is three quarters of slow material from a band who in the past had some livelier numbers. I'll give this props and that is A Rose for the Apocalypse probably going to win a Swedish Grammy. As for me I had to hide the cutlery.



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  1. Sounds like Funeral gothic doom isn't your thing. My question for you is in the world of this genre in particular is it good? I mean I'm not a fan of emo rock/metal so It wouldn't be fair for me to review bands in that genre because I already have a biased opinion. And I understand that a lot of people in the Metal community find funeral doom and gothic doom boring and tedious but is it good for what it is?