Friday, June 17, 2011

GALLHAMMER - The End CD review

Peaceville Records
Genre: Blackened Doom/Crust
Rating: 1/5

When it comes to GALLHAMMER you take what you can get which is pretty much not much at all. This raccoon eyed Japanese all girl three piece, now a two piece since guitarist Mika Penetrator split sometime last year, started making a name for themselves by releasing a handful of demos back in the early 2000s. By 2004 they finally released their debut Gloomy Lights which had critics hailing em as cool and hip. Obviously those critics didn't bother listening to all of their music. They just saw an all girl Japanese three piece, with the previously mentioned raccoon eye make-up. In other words most people who hailed this band were full of shit. Gloomy Lights was a decent release (at least in my not so humble opinion) but not enough to garner the pretencios hype handed to it. Their follow-up, Ill Innocence, from 2007 wasn't any better for that matter. So now after four years and the departure of an important part of their sound we have The End which I must say is aptly titled.

I'm guessing this release was a last minute attempt to just get something out because as far as creativity goes, and GALLHAMMER had very little to start with, this blows. This is seven boring cuts all recorded in low-fi to give it that late 80's authentic "underground punk" demo sound. Remember they started out influenced by their Swiss namesake HELLHAMMER, took those blackened doom dirges and added some late 80's Anarcho Punk sounds to the mix. So they've went from being a decent act before to now being garbage. The opening title cut is slow but not in an ominous or even depressive kind of way. It's just slow uninspired crap. The second cut "Rubbish CG202" is the same as the first but a little faster. "Rubbish CG202" sounds like something off of a demo from 1989 by a bunch of untalented losers. "Aberration" gives drummer Risa Reaper a chance to fuck up twice as bad (poor drumming) by adding her nails on a chalk board squeaky vocals (reminiscent of MEDIA CHILDREN) to bassist Vivian Slaughter's dead dog porn growls. I turned it off at this point on my first inspection. When I came back for a second attempt I wasn't sober unfortunately the music on The End left me sick and hungover.

Honestly if anyone out there in music land thinks this is still hip and cool then they need to be shot after you set them on fire and then pissed on em.


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