Thursday, June 30, 2011

NIGHT FEVER - New Blood LP review

Genre: Punk Rock
Rating: 3/5

"THIS IS COPENHAGEN, MAAAAAN!!!" Yeah well if they didn't tell me I would have said Boston circa 1984. The front cover even looks as if TAANG Records put it out. I wonder if they're straightedge as well? Yes NIGHT FEVER hails from Copenhagen, Denmark and that "This is Copenhagen" is an actual song. I never thought the Danes gave a shit but with this band they obviously do. NIGHT FEVER play average yet speedy aggressive sounding 80's Punk Fuckin Rock with a vocalist who would've made it also as a frontman in a hair metal revival act. That's if this thing didn't work out. Those high-pitched vocals he uses on the final cut, "New Blood" are a dead give away. But remember that "THIS IS COPENHAGEN, MAAAAAN!!!" and New Blood originally came out in 2009 but the good people at Tankcrimes decided to extend it's shelf life by re-releasing it here in the states. Eight cuts with a few obligatory movie snippets thrown in to open a few cuts. I give em credit for their strained enthusiasm but when you use tired old lyrical subject matter like on "Nuclear War" or "Wasted" I've gotta laugh. I don't mind ya sounding like something from twenty five years ago but update your lyrics. Remember "THIS IS COPENHAGEN, MAAAAAN!!!"



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