Sunday, December 26, 2010

DIOCLETIAN - War of All Against All CD review

DIOCLETIAN - War of All Against All CD
Invictus Productions

This New Zealand four piece is made up of a few WITCHRIST members and take their name from a third century Roman emperor whose claim to fame was being extremely nasty towards Christians. They sound similar to Australia's PORTAL the difference being that DIOCLETIAN actually have faces and names, plus a few more which I'll get to later. The PORTAL reference should give you a good idea of what to expect when you blast this one. To my surprise I didn't know that I left the volume on my stereo so loud last night because when I pushed play for this one I literally screamed "Holy Fuckin Shit". I suggest you start off at a medium range then after various playings you slowly increase the volume to your preferred torture. Don't forget the safe word.

DIOCLETIAN are that type of band who live deep in a cave somewhere under a mountain. Whenever they awake to practice the ground shakes which causes herds of animals to stampede, flocks of birds to fly off and crops die. Their sound is blackened death with the cavernous vocals that will shake your home loose from it's foundation if you're not careful. You could always place the stereo speakers in your windows and clear out your neighborhood of residents. On here DIOCLETIAN actually have structured songs where as PORTAL is sheer noise. Their songs range from fast head pounding tortures to slower atmospheric doom dirges. DIOCLETIAN are not human. They are subterranean beasts with instruments. Trust me, just listen to "Kingdom of Rats" or "Death Tyrant" at high volume if you dare.



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