Monday, December 13, 2010

AUTOPSY - The Tomb Within CDEP review

AUTOPSY - The Tomb Within CDEP
Peaceville Records

I was kinda hoping they would've pulled a full length but half of one is good enough. (Yeah I know it's on the way) Ever since their announcement of reuniting to actually do some real recording months back (and not just two songs) I was of the crowd who expected something good. I know that classic bands who reunite after a long time are more like ghosts coming back to haunt us. But once in a while you get a surprise. There's no way AUTOPSY is going to surpass the greatness of Severed Survival or Mental Funeral in 2010 nor should they be expected to. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete idiot. All that needs expected is something decent which reminds us of "their" past and not ABSCESS. The Tomb Within does just that.

The opening title track is pretty much a shock to the senses with it's tortured guitar noise and then Reifert's vocal delivery kicking in. He sounds a little gruff now but that's cool. Right from that point on I'm thinking OK this is good. Yeah this is classic AUTOPSY death doom pummeling and I wanna start a pit. "My Corpse Shall Rise" is more of the same, great scream by Reifert to start things off plus fierce soloing by Eric Cutler and Danny Coralles so hot it will melt your eyes in their sockets. The third cut "Seven Skulls" is the signature cut on here with it's early tension building and finally blistering full on assault. It kinda makes you wanna jump outta your chair and run through a wall. "Human Genocide" is a cut from their 1988 demo brought to life on here which comes closest to reliving Severed Survival. The final cut "Mutant Village" is a death doom beast with quick bursts of fiery tempo blasts.

I believe whatever doubts about this AUTOPSY reunion will be quickly squashed after you listen to this five song teaser. The sound quality is the past revisited. If this was polished I'd have a problem since AUTOPSY are supposed to sound like utter filth. The songs are over the three minute mark. The band performances on here are superb, considering. There's no ABSCESS gore/grind seeping in. All in all if you're a fan then you will not be disappointed.




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