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As far as 2010 was concerned Old School sounding Death Metal was the choice for Scumfeast Metal 666 Death Metal Favorites of the year. And while the critics try to write it off as some type of "revival" or a "retro movement" by young Swedes and Americans, it's not. Old school sounding death metal is DEATH METAL. Bands that play a more technical progressive style or are part of the "core" style with it's silly dance moves are the real sub-genre. To say I'm bias is an understatement when it comes to these choices especially considering the "blackened death" within. Be that as it may 2010 saw old timers as well as young guns holding the high ground as well as a huge surprise.

1. GOD DETHRONED - Under the Sign of the Iron Cross CD (Metal Blade Records)

So how does this Dutch Death Metal band surpass the greatness of last years Passiondale? They drag the listener back into the trenches of World War One for a counter attack. The eight tracks on here will drag you away from whatever joke of a reality you're in and thrust you into a hell only man could create, the hell of war.

2. VASAELETH - Crypt Born and Tethered to Ruin CD (Profound Lore Records)

This US Blackened Death duo have a sound that roars forth from the depths leaving your ears scarred and burned. Play this one for someone you don't like. They'll swear you threw sulphuric acid in their face.

3. IMMOLATION - Majesty and Decay CD (Nuclear Blast)

This whole release is like walking through a gauntlet of pain but once you’ve traversed through you turn around to do it again and again.

4. MALEVOLENT CREATION - Invidious Dominion CD (Nuclear Blast)

After these veterans recorded this fast blast of DM hate the studio burst into flames.

5. HAIL OF BULLETS - On Divine Winds CD (Metal Blade Records)

Their second "war metal" instalment places the flag of Death Metal upon Mount Suribachi.

6. BEYOND HELL - The Sleeper Awakens CD (Dark Descent/Skeleton Plague Records)

When a band sounds like the bastard offspring of DEATH, OBITUARY and INCANTATION we take notice.

7. NOMINON - Monumentomb CD (Deathgasm Records)

Old School Swedish Death Metal with thick riffs that will hit you like spiked baseball bats. Aggression is the key here.

8. FATHER BEFOULED - Morbid Destitution of Covenant CD (Relapse Records)

Your neighborhood church down the street will spontaneously explode into a ball of burning debris after playing this one. Yes this is evil very evil and I like it. The band carries along with them what could be construed as more INCANTATION worship which is very evident amongst US Death Metal's newest cadre.

9. DECREPIT BIRTH - Polarity CD (Nuclear Blast)

Tech Death that won't give you ADD.

10. DIOCLETIAN - War of All Against All CD (Invictus Productions)

DIOCLETIAN are that type of band who live deep in a cave somewhere under a mountain. Whenever they wake to practice the ground shakes which causes herds of animals to stampede, flocks of birds to fly off and crops die.

*honorable mention*
AUTOPSY - The Tomb Within CDEP (Peaceville Records)
Big surprise and looking forward to the full length in 2011.

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