Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ACID WITCH - Stoned LP review

Hells Headbangers

You know what, fuck WITCH, fuck THE SWORD and fuck all of those hipster bands which losers have been slobbering over of late. You want some real DOOM that carries influences from the past thirty years and yet still sounds fresh then here's ACID WITCH. Warning, they're not from Europe or some hip American town either. ACID WITCH hails from Michigan and there's some obvious influence in their sound from there as well. They've been around for a few years now and have a few releases under their gruesome belts. But here we have their latest dink. What makes ACID WITCH stand out from the pack is their way of mixing death, doom and horror concepts together plus it just fuckin rocks.

The opening intro cut with it's haunting keyboards and movie sound bite with the narrator repeating the words "children of satan, children of satan, children of satan". Then the opening cut "Witchfynder Finder" kicks into gear mixing satanic cultish seventies rock with death/doom vocals sung by a throat cancer patient. The guitar sound on this cut and throughout this release has more fuzz than a collection of seventies porn flicks. "Trick or Treat" adds some thick sludge and a macabre sounding Hammond organ solo. "Thundering Hooves" is laced with samples as the stoner grooves roll over the land. "Live Forever" sounds like a more fuzzed out and cancer ridden GATES OF SLUMBER with a dueling guitar and keyboard solo.

ACID WITCH leave some of the more stranger tracks to the latter half of the release. "Whispers in the Dark" is a frightful with a Mike Oldfield style keyboard interlude along with some drone. "If Hell Exists" sounds like the theme song from some seventies B-movie about a hippie death cult high on acid and out to kill for thrills. "Stoned to the Grave" is a fuzz wave of seventies proto-doom plus more Hammond organ to knock your head back. "Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre" sounds like KILLDOZER really fucked up and laying down some stoner grooves. The final cut "Sabbath of the Undead" sounds like a continuation of the previous one except more sinister. All in all Stoned sounds like it was recorded by some stoned out of their minds, disgruntled cemetery workers. This is just their sophomore release as well so I'm looking forward to more. ACID WITCH might not find themselves in the hall of Doom greatness but for pure sickness value they're far better than all of the polished man/boy Indie Rock Sludge wannabe crap floating in the cesspool of modern doom.



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