Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BASTARD PRIEST - Under the Hammer of Destruction CD review

BASTARD PRIEST - Under the Hammer of Destruction CD
Pulverised Records

Listening to this is the equivalent to injecting yourself with werewolf blood, then running out of your house, down the street and ripping the first stranger you see to pieces. After which you sit there howling while bathing yourself in the blood of the fresh kill. Is that a little too much information? Well here's some more for ya. I first learned about BASTARD PRIEST in 2009 while reading an article on young bands from Sweden reviving the sound of old Swedish Death Metal, now commonly referred to as the New Wave Of Old School Swedish Death Metal or NWOOSSDM for short. At that time the band only had two demos out but now we have a full length debut but not so fast. This dink is really re-recordings of three tracks from their 2007 demo plus the five tracks from their 2008 demo remixed and remastered and three new tracks. At the end of the day you really don't fuckin care. You just wanna blast this loudly, inject the werewolf blood and run amok in the neighborhood.

BASTARD PRIEST is actually a two piece consisting of Inventor on guitar, bass and vocals plus Matt Mendoza on drums and vocals. I'm sure they're two nice respectable Swedish gentlemen until you give em the werewolf blood and then they rip you a new asshole with songs like "Visions of Doom", "Power of Death" and the insanely incredible "Evil Pain". Their sound, which is basically old school death metal crossed with crust, is nothing new under the blackened sun. Although in a genre overwhelmed with death-core babies (with bad dance moves) on one side and ADD tech death zombies couch-gazing while playing the newest video games on the other this is like fresh water to someone dying of thirst. Yes me, Me, I'm dying from hearing all of that other crap. This is real death metal because it's threatening from start to it's thirty-three and a half minute finish. The production is raw like a bloody steak with sick twisted sounding riffs. The vocals sound like violently growled rasps as if in the throes of lycanthropy. Where did these new jacks learn all of this greatness? Try pulling out some GRAVE, ENTOMBED AND DISMEMBER for reference along with some old Swedish hardcore.



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