Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DEATHHAMMER - Phantom Knights CD review

DEATHHAMMER - Phantom Knights CD
Witches Brew

I guess it's time to drag out that tattered DESTRUCTION t-shirt and get your hesher on. No it's not a new revival you stupid poseurs. Speaking of which DEATHHAMMER are the ones who back in 2006 released the infamous Savage Poser Hunt demo. Since that release coincided with the Thrash revival it also drew a line in the pit on what was cool sounding angry thrash metal and what was paint by the numbers of the past crap. Their Facebook page says "Death To Posers........This Is True Metal" plus you can see below what their MySpace link is. So here we have the first official full length by this Norwegian two piece. Yes they are just a two piece with Sergeant Salsten on vocals, guitar and bass plus Sadomancer on drums as well as backing vocals. Also I say "official full length" because their two releases from 2009 were compilations featuring all of their demo recordings and their 2008 release Forever Ripping Fast, which was also on Witches Brew, was a fast 13 cut EP with older material as well.

DEATHHAMMER's brand of thrash/punk is colored filthy and has one speed which is fast but not without borrowed signatures from the past. The Sergeant likes to remind everyone what Tom Araya use to scream like on almost every cut. Add to that the speed of his vocal delivery reminds you of KREATOR and POSSESSED. Musically it's the same way as with those latter mentioned bands. To me that takes away from their anti-posuer bravado unless they're talking about TRIVIUM and MACHINE HEAD fans then I say kill em all. The best thing about Phantom Knights is that it sounds authentic like a demo tape from the 80s. That's the line which separates em from the posuer pack. I'm guessing when they showed up to the studio to record this, one of their buddies held the engineer by knife point out in the hallway while they had their way inside. Maybe another buddy of theirs, whose only experience with running the lights at the local dive bar, was the producer. That would explain why there's no bass what so ever on here. Turn it up if you dare.

Label: http://whp666.com/

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/savageposerhunt

Official: http://home.no/deathhammer/

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