Thursday, December 9, 2010

GORE OBSESSED - Blood Boobs and Gore CDEP review

GORE OBSESSED - Blood Boobs and Gore CDEP
Torn Flesh Records

GORE OBSESSED is a one man Death Metal act from the Netherlands. Yeah why should Black Metal misanthropes in basements have all the fun and dominate the one man act thing. There's a one man Death Metal act from my neck of the woods as well called BLOODSOAKED. I think this Dutchman surpasses him as far as sick twisted gore and horror obsessed Death Metal goes. Also GORE OBSESSED, aka: Justin performing all instruments, has released two splits and four other CDEPs this year alone. To say he's prolific is an understatement. The guy needs to put everything he's recorded on one comp release sometime. Justin takes his musical direction from bands like NUNSLAUGHTER and IMPETIGO plus a few more notables. Of the four cuts on here two are covers; "Pornstorestiffi" by BLOOD DUSTER and "Crippled Bitch" by the one and only GUT. You get the idea by now whether your Death/Goregrind sympathies are with this obsessed Dutchman or not. I think the compilation idea is good since listening to this on continuous play is driving me nuts. But that's the idea right?




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