Tuesday, December 21, 2010

KVELERTAK - Kverlertak CD review

KVELERTAK - Kverlertak CD
Indie Recordings

I thought this was going to be more BARONESS worship by first glancing at the John Baizley style cover art (soon to be hipster wallpaper I hear) as well as the one word band name and release title. Strangely enough this act is from Norway and sounds like they raided someones late 1990's/early 2000's Punk CD collection for inspiration, of which there had to be a TURBONEGRO release in there. Plus they add a hint of Black Metal which is obvious since they're from Norway. They also sing in their native tongue which really doesn't matter considering the style of music being forced. For some strange reason I'm getting the distinct feeling of a LORDI bowel moment coming on. These guys don't sound like those Finnish fakers (who never heard of GWAR) but this has the smell of the continued bastardization of modern sounds. Take an easily recyclable sound, add some artwork that's presently recognizable to the ignorant hipster lemmings then push it off as something excitingly fresh and new. Musically this really sounds like a rip off of TURBONEGRO with some trademark Black Metal tremolo runs and blast beats tossed in on the cheap. Add to that a vocalist who sounds generically caustic in that he's not angry but his pussy hurts and is a whiner. I'll bet my signed vinyl copy of Apocalypse Dudes that the unknowing will eat this up and praise it like manna from mainstream street.

Label: http://www.indierec.no

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/kverlertak

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  1. Damn man...you write the worst album reviews I've ever read. Every album review i've read of yours sounds like you're trying really really hard to come across like some kind of elite Metal god....you're not. Instead of comparing bands and their albums to everything under the fucking sun, why don't you try actually reviewing the MUSIC. ya metal blog nerd....