Tuesday, December 28, 2010



As I mentioned earlier in the Doom metal Favorites, stoner rock and sludge became the new Indie Rock of 2010. Hey don't laugh too hard since last year it was the progressive sludge stuff and in 2008 in was black metal. But whatever genre gets tagged by the pretentious it's always going to be "hipster". Sooner or later the hipster crowd will latch onto something else, hopefully suicidal jazz or at least some type of music that creates high rates of drug related deaths. But till that wonderful day comes we're stuck with them liking certain metal. Although you must remember that hipsters only assimilate metal which is really not very metal or it's something which was done years ago or now they're just getting into it and calling the style new and exciting which it's not. In a way calling a band as well as their release "hipster metal" ain't a bad thing. The fact is that the term "hipster" was created by the Indie Rock community years ago as a term of endearment, therefore they made their bed now it's time to sleep in it. The Scumfeast Metal 666 top 3 Hipster Metal releases were chosen, not for whether they're good or bad, but for what a multitude of hipster sources had to say about them and the circumstances involved.

1. COUGH - Ritual Abuse CD (Relapse Records)

2. HORSEBACK - The Invisible Mountain CD (Relapse Records)

3. HOWL - Full of Hell CD (Relapse Records)

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