Monday, December 13, 2010

DEATH ANGEL - Relentless Retribution CD review

DEATH ANGEL - Relentless Retribution CD
Nuclear Blast Records

It looks like DEATH ANGEL has finally gotten the "reunion" bug out of their ass and are now on a roll. Unfortunately some fans might not like the place where they're going on this new one. DEATH ANGEL has always been known for not toting the Bay Area Thrash line. Even on 2008's Killing Season the band showed signs of moving away (again?) from the Thrash template to more of a groove style. That was something which I thought took away from a release that had promise. Now, well it's full on New Wave of American Metal (NWOAM) time or what I so unaffectionally call "cable metal" which refers to the style of metal played on the local cable station's nine hundred channels. The opening song is a completely weak thrasher and from there you're serenaded by some melodic metal crap, a ballad (?) and more mediocre thrash. Considering this band's music career legacy is based on one release from 1987, which is not much different than EXODUS and TESTAMENT, I can understand wanting to move out from that stigma. They've done it before and failed to bring along fans. This time they couldn't bring long time bassist Dennis Pepa and drummer Andy Galeon along on this ride to crap metal fame. It was nice knowing ya, goodbye!




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  1. Love the review dude.

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