Monday, December 13, 2010

SATANIC WARMASTER - Nachzehrer CD review

Werewolf Records/Northern Heritage Records

This cold and cruel return of SATANIC WARMASTER is like a four foot long icicle shoved up your ass on a cold Winter's night. For those of you out there who don't understand, that's a good thing. Right now it's a balmy 17 degrees outside while I listen to this in the warmth of my humble abode. I honestly believe the temperature in the house is dropping as I play this, loudly, on the stereo. It's been five long years since we've had a new full length by Satanic Tyrant Werewolf aka: Nazgul. Oh sure he's given us, people who actually like Black Metal, plenty of EPs, split releases and a few best of compilations to keep us busy torturing friends, neighbors and unsuspecting strangers who come to the door. The title of this release, Nachzehrer, fits perfect in the scenario of modern day Black Metal. It refers to a type of vampire that devours dead flesh instead of blood. In a similar way Nazgul has returned to consume some of the lifeless crap which masquerades as Black Metal today and there's plenty for him to feed upon. SATANIC WARMASTER has always been raw blasphemy Black Metal at it's finest which is something bands from Finland always excelled at. This newest addition from this Finnish one man Black Metal institution continues on with the tradition.

Nachzehrer is simply a perfect release from start to finish and then replay it again. Every track on here is superb but there are a few standouts. "Bestial Darkness" is definitely one with it's haunting doom like organ opening while Nazgul lets loose a sickening scream. From there the song goes into a machine like procession with a scythe like riff plus a pounding drum beat all ending with a solo that will slash your face. "Warmaster Returns" starts out with this beautifully melodic tremolo picked distortion then kicks into a low-fi riff that steps back holding the song together as drums pound away and Nazgul's screeches through the lyrics. There's a mid-point where he returns to the melodic tremolo picking distortion then cuts loose with another jarring solo. The song "One Shining Star" is another standout track with a riff sounding like a bee's nest being taunted. Credit goes to Nazgul for knowing how to get that pitch perfect sound in the production. It's got that early BATHORY hiss in the mix which drives music snobs insane but leaves real Black Metal fans in ecstatic delight. The only thing better would be to view a hillside lined with burning upside down crosses with the figures of their foes nailed upon them screaming in torment.

The final cut on here "Utug-Hul", written by Akhtya Nachttoter from BLACK FUNERAL, is a somber keyboard only number with a spoken word invocation which brings everything to a conclusion. Although the meaning behind the words are meant to bring forth the ancient spirit of Ea to enter one's body. I found it musically at least to have a beautiful sadness to it which you can't escape. It's as if you're left to ponder the cruelty which has just surpassed and allowed a three minute pause to consider everything but beg for more. Nachzehrer is a perfect example of what the differences are between extreme music and everything else. Even people who say they like Black Metal might be totally offended by this and to me that's a good thing. Words like "troo", "kvlt" and "krieg" are laughable at times but there is an underlining truth to it all. SATANIC WARMASTER has always been Black Metal that's real. It hearkens back to the days of early BATHORY, HELLHAMMER and to some extent DARKTHRONE as far as sound and style. The difference today is that there's a thick layer of sadistic intent within the music and a mystery left intact of it's creator. That's something you won't find in your mall rat friendly, eco-ideological, politically liberal thinking, blackened pop for the hip masses to listen to while they nod all of their heads in unison to the beat like pathetic sheep.



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