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Article/Video: CORROSION OF CONFORMITY: The Return of the Rabid Dogs

(above picture: the cover of the newest COC 7"er out on Southern Lord Records

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY: The Return of Raleigh's own Rabid Dogs Article by Mr. Wolf Dec. 2010

It's been 25 years since CORROSION OF CONFORMITY released what I've called their essential Hardcore full length release, Animosity. No I don't feel old and I'm glad to see interest in them today is strong not only from older fans like myself (who saw them more times than I can count or remember back in the day) but from a younger generation who weren't around then. To put that latter part into better perspective all you need to do is watch the video below from a recent show at Dreg's Grotto, a house show no doubt, to see the reaction from people who could just as well have been conceived while Animosity was playing on the stereo. (a car stereo in the back parking lot of the Brewery? Ok that might be too much personal reminiscing) But CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's rejuvenated popularity is not merely held only to a surprise gig in some cool guy's basement (check that: how bout the luckiest guy in the world this year) on a Saturday night in Raleigh, NC.

Since the classic Animosity line-up of Mike Dean (bass & vocals) Woody Weatherman (guitar) and Reed Mullin (drums) reunited this year things for them have literally exploded. So far they've done a coast to coast mini-tour across the US playing material from Animosity as well as the Technocracy EP plus new stuff (oh come on guys you can still whip out "Eye for an Eye" or at least "Rabid Dogs" as an encore right?) which garnered them some great reaction from fans. Next year not only are they scheduled to play the Maryland Deathfest but have also notched a spot on the uber-cool (but unfortunately now uber hipster) Roadburn Festival in Holland. Add to that this past July, Southern Lord released the band's first official recorded material since 2005's In the Arms of God. The single "Your Tomorrow (parts 1 and 2)" is a cross between their early Punk/Hardcore roots and latter era SABBATH inspired Doom. The song has a galloping riff that'll stick with you though out the day. When the trio break things down to a snail's pace, only slightly of course, it's as if the walls around you have just caved in. The strangest thing of all is that Mike's vocals sound better now than they did twenty five years ago. I'm hoping Pro Tools are not the case.

I've made in clear in the past that this line-up of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY was not only my favorite out of all their line-ups but the only one I ever liked. The Eye For An Eye one was great as well but Eric Eyche, who I became friends with later on, was out of the band when I started going to their shows. Of course the band went on to be really successful when they went full on Crossover then Southern Metal and finally Southern Rock. Obviously the revolving door of newer and additional band members were the influence of those changes. But now with the core together again things are looking great especially for 2011 when the band plans to release a new full length. I'm not one to go out on a limb but I'll say it'll probably be mentioned as one of 2011's most anticipated releases. Scumfeast Metall 666 will be waiting. For more info check out the band's official webpage listed below. You can even get yourself an Animosity tour t-shirt, wow this time in black and a full color cover album design. I guess you can throw away that faded white one which is torn to shreds from being in the pit at the Brewery too many times. One more thing to note. Pepper Keenan is still "officially" in COC but for now is busy with DOWN and his family. The chances for the band to become a four piece again in the near future is anyone's guess. Also RIGHTEOUS FOOL, a new band featuring Dean, Mullin and guitarist Jason Browning, will have a EP released by Southern Lord in the near future. I saw them play this year at a place here in Raleigh, NC called the Dive Bar. They were good but it just seemed weird watching Mike and Reed on stage, a small one at that reminding me of the old days, without Woodroe on guitar.

Now check out some video footage.

First off the new song "Your Tomorrow (parts 1 and 2)" live which was filmed at the Pour House in Raleigh, NC. This is from a friend, Karen Mann, who does the blog Mann's World. You can check out more of her videos at

COC -- new song from Mann's World on Vimeo.

Next is Dec. 10th footage from the house party show at Dreg's Grotto in Raleigh, NC. My friend, Big Jon, was at this show (lucky bastard). He told me people were screaming out requests. If I was there I might've yelled "Green Manalishi". (you have to own the original Eye for an Eye vinyl LP to understand that one)

Finally here's three photos from that show at Dreg's Grotto in Raleigh, NC.
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