Monday, December 20, 2010

METAL VIDEOs THAT DON'T SUCK Dec. 2010 edition

METAL VIDEOs THAT DON'T SUCK Dec. 2010 edition

(Ok we all know that most Metal videos SUCK. You either have some MTV like crap or just the band playing live. But once in a while you find a good one and that's what this section is about plus This monthly section is dedicated to Metal Music Videos that are halfway decent)

This month's entry is from the band MALSAIN from Norway (Bergen, Norway that is). This video/song is from their 2005 release They Never Die, on Dark Essence Records, in fact this video was part of the extras on the CD. The band is a cross between melodic black metal and what is now called "dark metal" meaning it's not to be confused with goth. Of course what gets my vote for being a cool video is vocalist Skumring. Not only does she have a mighty set of pipes to growl like that but her look in this video is actually cool. Toss in the way the video flips around with quick flashes of action amidst the band playing and it's dark atmosphere.

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