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When it came to Doom metal in 2010, the critics, magazine editors and website bloggers all had one thing on their minds and that was when will the new ELECTRIC WIZARD release come out. It's one thing for a band to have pre-release hype, which they did, but it's really bad when magazines and music websites all place the release in their end of the year "best of" lists when the damm thing wasn't even out yet. But that wasn't the only joke of 2010 as far as Doom metal was concerned. This year stoner rock & sludge rock became the new Indie Rock with pretencions hipsters all riding on the coattails of anyone they were told was the "next big thing". The fact of the matter was that the so-called "next big thing" sounded average, stale and copied. MASTODON and BARONESS from years prior helped create the cacophony of this year's hipster sloth but obviously from our choices, Scumfeast Metal 666 didn't buy into it. Not only are the Scumfeast Metal 666 Doom Metal Favorites of 2010 great releases in this category but they're great releases all around. Here's the top 10.

1. APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE - Last Sunrise CD (Profound Lore Records)

Pass the bong I think I’m Wino or Rod Evans from CAPTAIN BEYOND, whoever floats you off the couch first. Actually this is former GATES OF SLUMBER dude, Chuck Brown, with his band’s sophomore effort. Yeah what a way to recycle old TROUBLE and PENTAGRAM riffs which are actually recycled SABBATH riffs but by this time in the game who gives a shit anymore.

2. COFFINWORM - When All Become None CD (Profound Lore Records)

They hail from Indianapolis, Indiana, which surprisingly enough is a mecca for extreme metal or so I’ve heard from the people who live one town over and complain about the fuckin noise. To make matters worse all their milk cows have dried up and their utters have turned into sharp spikes.

3. HOODED MENACE - Never Cross the Dead CD (Profound Lore Records)

They’re like some spiked prehistoric slug from hell that slithers along secreting acid as a trail. Wanna know what real Death/Doom sounds like?

4. RAMESSES - Take the Curse CD (Ritual Productions)

This is CELTIC WIZARD or if you prefer ELECTRIC FROST. There is absolutely nothing new as far as originality when it comes to their interpretation of the Doom/Sludge template. But to their credit RAMESSES are extremely good at it and that’s what I’d rather hear than some avant garde innovative fart fest.

5. TRIPTYKON - Eparistera Diamones CD (Century Media)

Monotheist II, Tom G. is a dying human growing into god-like flesh.

6. THE WOUNDED KINGS - The Shadow Over Atlantis CD (I Hate Records)

Mushrooms, a box of razor blades, a Gibson SG (Tony Iomni playing it optional), sitting in an opium den, black lights and some cough syrup.

7. YEAR OF NO LIGHT - Ausserwelt CD (Conspiracy Records)

Over 47 minutes of French Drone without a word spoken. Now that's dark.

8. ACID WITCH - Stoned LP (Hells Headbangers)

Like some seventies B-movie soundtrack about a hippie death cult high on acid and out to kill for thrills. "Stoned" is a fuzz wave of seventies proto-doom plus more Hammond organ to knock your head back.

9. SOMINAE - Forever More CDEP (Self Released)

One of the year's better surprises as this Seattle band walks along side the footprints of English Death Doom giants and makes a deep impression of their own. Keep an eye out for them in 2011.

10. EA - Au Elia CD (Solitude Productions)

The funeral procession of the year.

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