Thursday, December 23, 2010

CULTED - Of Death and Ritual CDEP review

CULTED - Of Death and Ritual CDEP
Relapse Records

This band's debut ended up being on the top spot of Scumfeast Metal 666 Favorite Doom Metal releases of 2009, a high honor indeed. This new one slipped under my radar for some strange reason until now. How did I miss it back when it was released in the Spring? Maybe I missed it somewhere amidst all of the other news of the label's hipster band signings and crumby releases. They'll redeem themselves in my book once the new PIG DESTROYER release comes out, well maybe. Till then here's the latest from a band who I thought would've had a better home on Profound Lore Records. There's four cuts on this EP. The best one by far is "Black Cough, Black Coffin" which starts off with hair standing on the back of your neck haunting vibe. Daniel Jansson's screams jump out of the darkness like some maniacal ghosts for the whole ten plus minute length. Within all of that is a mix of spacey drone and machine like riffs. It's a seriously twisted nightmare and something to play in the morning to start your day right. "Spirituosa" reminded me of their full length with songs sounding like they could've been influenced by Amphetamine Reptile bands from the 90s but blackened. "Dissent" is fairly straight laced Doom/Sludge and the last cut "Whore" is a SWANS cover so I'll leave it at that. Maybe we'll get another full length from em in early 2011.



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