Sunday, December 26, 2010

DEATHSPELL OMEGA - Paracletus CD review

Norma Evangelium Diaboli

In the past ten years DEATHSPELL OMEGA has gone from being a great French Black Metal band to an Avant Garde Black Metal band and now with this latest one they're frankly annoying. Don't get me wrong now I was touting the greatness of them as well as alot of French BM long before it became cool and hip. I'd even place their Si Monumentum Requires Circumspice from 2004 as an BM essential release. My biggest complaint is that they've taken an experiment which worked and expanded on it to the point where they just sound ridiculous. While their last one from 2007, call it "Fas" for short, might have been the final installment of the trilogy which started back in 2002 with Inquisitors of Satan. It was a pitiful way of ending things. I was hoping maybe they do the right thing and just move on. OK I'm being overly nice, they should have died. Unfortunately they lingered on like a bad cold. This latest one doesn't even sound like Black Metal. Three years ago I thought Fas was pushing the limits of the genre and, as if on cue, people who don't like Black Metal loved the newer DEATHSPELL OMEGA sound. Now on Paracletus these guys sound like progressive death metal with a dash of pepper thrown in to give it some color. I can't even take this release serious as well as the people who have fawned over them over the past few years. What a fuckin waste!



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