Sunday, December 26, 2010

GOATPENIS - Biochemterrorism CD review

GOATPENIS - Biochemterrorism CD
Satanic Skinhead Propaganda

GOATPENIS? Well you know a sick twisted individual like myself is not only going to enjoy a release by a band with this name but I've got a whole section in my CD stacks devoted to artists with the word "goat" in their moniker. As far as this Brazilian nightmare goes (isn't it strange they're always from Brazil?) are not new to the world of Extreme Metal. GOATPENIS have been questioning people's sanity and common musical sense since 1991 but in the late nineties the band split up for a few years. I'm guessing incarceration how about you? Unfortunately, tragically, or just pick your own reference, they are back with this their second full length. Actually it's not even the original band unless they've changed their names for legal reasons of course. I will say they have progressed musically since their 2004 full length, Inhumanization, which I originally thought was a hard thing to swallow, pardon the pun. GOATPENIS? It's what you would love to scream out loud when you're viewing the menu at a restaurant while on a blind date that you would love to end quickly.

Ok I've done something similar but getting back to the music, GOATPENIS are really nothing special when it comes to their cross genre pollination. This trio disseminates everything from their (supposed) jungle hideout as far as Extreme Metal goes. Black and Death Metal are incorporated into a Thrash template albeit a brutal one. The biggest constant are the vocals which are vintage "cookie monster" plus a guitar tone that's high on the treble and annoying after repeated listenings. Some bass sound would've helped. After which you come to the conclusion that GOATPENIS could have shortened the length of this release (pun intended) and came away with a decent EP. "False Equinox" would make the cut just for shere brutality alone. "Perfect Prototype of an Apocalypse" was probably written after IRON MAIDEN's last Brazilian appearance to which these guys couldn't get into an eighty thousand seat area to see. Although I'm guessing soccer hooliganism is part of their past time. The third cut I'd pick and is my favorite out of a whole release's worth is "Infinate Paths to the Land of Suicide". I know the irony is so thick here but it's actually an incredible cut a machine gun like riff that penetrates throughout. This is furious South American Black Metal on one fuckin song. It also has a penetrating solo which will behead the weak. The bottom line to this release is that there's too much length and not enough girth. One song is great out of eleven. Ladies & Gentleman, and you others, I give to you Brazil's next one hit wonder. There will be no dancing involved.




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