Sunday, December 26, 2010

FATHER BEFOULED - Morbid Destitution of Covenant CD review

FATHER BEFOULED - Morbid Destitution of Covenant CD
Relapse Records

Well my first thought is who lost the bet at Relapse? I mean seeing that this is so far away from the hipster sludge, the new Indie Rock, that they've been vomiting up of late I have to wonder. Well whatever the case may be this is certainly something that the typical hipster crowd will run away from in a panic. FATHER BEFOULED have only been around for a few years but quickly put together an impressive catalog of releases consisting of a full length, a couple of EPs and splits. They already released a three song EP this year on Nuclear War Now Productions. That one had a PROFANATICA cover on it "Weeping in Heaven" and one cut "Testament of Unholy Essence" out of the two originals also appears on here.

You know I've just gotta laugh at the thought of some hipster clown who saw this was on Relapse in a store and figured it would be similar to (choose one: COUGH, HOWL or HORSEBACK). Then of course when the bozo got home to play this CD it would be as if someone took a big shit in their mouth. Yes that's a great image to wish for but unfortunately these songs were on Itunes and MySpace prior to it's release date so they most likely learned ahead of time it was not for them. Which is too bad since Morbid Destitution of Covenant would have ripped them a new asshole to replace the one they have stuffed up with (choose one: gerbils, kitchen utensils, or a wine bottle). I already had the EP which came out this past summer so I knew what I was in for.

Morbid Destitution of Covenant is pure unadulterated Death Doom that will haunt the unsuspecting. The intro "Inno Sepulchrum" with it's gothic keyboard interlude will throw you off for forty seconds. Afterwards "Sacrilegious Defilement of Deranged Salvation" kicks in and the neighborhood church down the street spontaneously explodes into a ball of burning debris. Yes this is evil very evil and I like it. The band carries along with them what could be construed as more INCANTATION worship which is very evident amongst US Death Metal's newest cadre. I don't have a problem with it since it destroys that deathcore garbage which has permeated the scene worse than the aftermath of the high school slut having herpes. FATHER BEFOULED like their Death Metal face ripping and their Doom at a maggot's crawl. I'll say it now that this release is one of the better ones of 2010.

The band is just another in a ever growing list of acts who are benefited with the talents of drummer Elektrokutioner. Along for the destruction is guitarist/vocalist Ghoat from the USBM act HILLS OF SEFIROTH who gives an incredible cavern throated performance. Another name I'm familiar with is their bassist J. Kohn of BLACK FUNERAL fame. Unfortunately you can barely hear his bass over the hellish racket made by guitarist Ghoul. When this fearsome foursome gets moving with some speed on songs like at the beginning of "Idol Defamation" you're thinking hell yeah this is fierce. But right in midst headbang they come to a complete stop as if getting caught running in quicksand. Right before your head sinks below the surface the ripping commences again. The short sludgy sloth of "As Reverence Descends" sounds better than anything this label's cadre of hipster impostors has put out all year. This cut is something of an intro to the thoroughly pummeling of "Paradise of Desecrated Nothingness" and "Testament of Unholy Essence". All in all an incredibility fierce sounding release. Bands like FATHER BEFOULED are making Death Metal threatening again one sick riff at a time.




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